Muft WiFi Hotspot Software (beta)

Captive portal advertising & monetization
Start your guest/public WiFi business - monetize it with free WiFi advertising or voucher sales!

How do I start using Muft WiFi Hotspot Software?

Captive Portal Solution designed for WiFi Monetization, Advertising & Security

1. Create an account

Sign up for a free account on Muft WiFi Hotspot Software! It's easy to use - designed for captive portal monetization and advertising.

2. Configure Your Router

Configure your router settings with our online support documentation. Learn how to add your routers to the software and customize your settings.

3. Start your WiFi Zone

Now end-users will see a custom login screen when they connect to your WiFi. Users are verified with a mobile number and secure SMS OTP

4. Monetize your WiFi network!

Monetize your WiFi Hotspots with captive portal ads or WiFi voucher sales. End users see an ad or input voucher before logging in



A WiFi Hotspot Software designed for Captive Portal Monetization, Advertising & Security
  • WiFi Security

    Create a separate public WiFi network for your customers. Automatically generate unique SMS passwords (OTP) for every user

  • WiFi Automation

    Save network maintenance costs. Get automatic notifications by email and SMS whenever your WiFi network is down.

  • WiFi Monetization

    Make money by using our WiFi hotspot software to sell voucher codes. Users will now login with Mobile>OTP>Voucher

  • WiFi Management

    Reduce WiFi management costs - add hundreds of routers and track all user activity remotely with our online WiFi hotspot software

  • WiFi Intelligence

    Premium users get advanced customer analytics. Understanding your customers with your location's WiFi activity.

  • WiFi Advertising

    Promote sales via your WiFi login screen captive portal. Create ads, place campaigns and start selling WiFi advertisements!

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WiFi Management Software Features

Add unlimited routers, track user activity and manage your entire user database remotely by logging into our online WiFi Management software.

Users entering your branded Muft WiFi zones, will see your ads on their WiFi login screen. Access all their login data with our online WiFi Management Software.

Generate voucher codes, print them and sell them at a price you set! Users will login with their Mobile number, OTP and Voucher code.



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