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...advertise your brand on 1200+ Muft (free) WiFi Zones across India, Kenya & Botswana

brand experience, not spam

...what's better? an advertisement or an advertisement plus free WiFi?

Customers love free WiFi!

Put a big smile on your potential customer's face! Everyone loves being connected. Everyone loves a free WiFi session!

Higher brand recall

WiFi advertising has 4.8x higher brand recall than traditional ad-networks. People remember brands that give them free WiFi!

Meaningful interactions

Customer views your ad for 1 minute 30 seconds and also gets free WiFi for 1 hour!

It's done better with Muft WiFi!

Neutral. High speed. No data limits. No download caps. Your brand + an awesome user experience!

It's simple, it's hyper-local!

Target specific venues; not the whole area!
  • EduWiFi

    University campus, college canteens, coaching classes, training seminars

  • HospitalityWiFi

    Chai stalls, coffee shops, restaurants, BnBs, hotels, guest houses

  • WellnessWiFi

    Spas, gyms, sport clubs, recreational centers, amusement parks

  • StreetWiFi

    Taxi stands, bus depots, train stations, streets, religious & tourist spots

  • RetailWiFi

    Bazaars, marketplaces and arenas, shopping arcades, malls, retail shops

  • HealthWiFI

    Dental clinics, testing centers, hospital waiting room and compound

Creative WiFi ad ideas and formats for your brand!

Send people to your website

WiFi Advertising can help you drive more users to your site!

Get value for money on your digital advertising budgets. Higher clicks and better branding; it's possible with Muft WiFi advertising.
When users click on 'Connect + Visit Page' to avail the free WiFi Service, they are directed to your website.
Campaigns placed via Muft's WiFi advertising network have a higher Click-Through-Ratio (CTR) in comparison to traditional digital ad networks!

Promote your video

WiFi Advertising can be used to get more video views!

To avail the free WiFi Service, users need your watch your brand's video advertisement.
Traditional video ad networks restrict marketers to categorically sponsor content. Unfortunately, bad content could result in a poor experience for your customers.
With Muft WiFi advertising; your brand gives users the freedom to consume anything they want online. Superior customer experience means higher 'brand recall'!

Increase footfalls at a venue!

WiFi Advertising can be used to guide people towards a location

Driving customers to your business location got a whole lot easier with Muft's hyperlocal free WiFi ads.
When users click on 'Connect + Open Maps', they get Internet access and are directed to your predefined location on Google Maps.
A location aware WiFi advertising platform with intelligent analytics and reports; results in a better ROI on your digital advertising spends.

Promote App Installs!

WiFi Advertising can be used to get people to install your app!

Promoting your app (or discount codes) got a whole lot easier with Muft WiFi advertising.
When users click on 'Connect + Install' they get Internet access and are directed to your app download page.
Our system intelligently drives android users to Google® Play Store and iOS users to Apple® App Store

Get survey responses

WiFi Advertising can be used to get questions answered

Muft's WiFi advertising platform is a powerful research tool to conduct market surveys or get customer feedback.
Users choose an answer and click on 'Connect + Answer' to avail the free WiFi Service.
Improve your business decisions by getting customers to answer your questions!

SSID Advertising

WiFi Advertising can be a great way to promote your brand's image

Promote your brand on a different level! Engage in corporate social responsibility, brand yourself and bring India online!
Muft's SSID Advertising feature help your brand reach out to millions of smart phone users in India
Your brand gets better recognition and acquires greater customer loyalty with Muft WiFi advertising!

Why advertise on Muft WiFi Zones?

Performance + Corporate Social Responsibility

Every time you advertise on a Muft (free) Wifi Zone, you're bringing someone from India online.
Advertisers pay Muft WiFi to advertise on free WiFi Zones. Muft WiFi coordinates with local WiFi
(Internet) service providers to start Muft WiFi Zones.
People always get high-speed, neutral and unlimited free Internet access = Your brand gets
recognised better!

Feature Rich
WiFi Management Software

Create and track your WiFi campaigns with ease. Place ads in multiple formats with Muft WiFi advertising software

Monetise your WiFi ad space. Place your own ads or resell WiFi ad space to your (advertisers) clients.

Data + Analytics = Knowledge. Customer intelligence reports to help your business make smarter decisions


It's simple to place WiFi ads with MuftWiFi's interface. Our business grew with the offers we posted on our customer's WiFi login screens!
Suresh Lokothia
Marketing Manager, Captain Cupcakes
We got over 10,000 quality app installs in less than a week! Fantastic return on investment. Thanks to Muft WiFi Advertising!
Akshay Dua
CEO, Pocket Apps ad agency
Superb idea! Digital advertising and CSR combined through one medium. Our clients love Muft WiFi advertising!
Ashwini Tendulkar
Managing Director, Asian Design Fest
As an Internet service provider, I love working with Muft. Customers get free Internet and I get paid via advertisements!
Bhupendra Tamble
CTO, SaiComm Broadband

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