Do you offer free WiFi to your customers?

Protect yourself legally if someone misuses your WiFi!
Verify users with mobile number and OTP with Muft WiFi Management Software


There are many ways hackers can misuse your WiFi. Most online credit card & e-payment scams happen on an unsecured network

Data Thieves

Without WiFi Security and user ID verification, your WiFi hotspot can be compromised to steal your company's & your customer's private data


You could be held legally liable if a cybercriminal misuses your WiFi to engage in malicious activities. Cover all possible legal risks!

Are you aware of the legal threats?

Offering free WiFi without user ID verification could be risky!

As per guidelines issued by the Government of India, customers using free WiFi need to be verified with mobile number registration and SMS (OTP). Failure to comply with these guidelines will put your business at a heavy legal risk.
There are numerous cases where the WiFi service has been misused by an unverified customer and the business owner faces cybercrime charges. Some businesses have gone bankrupt legally defending such allegations – all due to just one unverified customer misusing the restaurants’ free WiFi service.


4 steps to ensure your WiFi Zone is legally secure

Failure to comply with these could put your business at serious legal risks if someone misuses your WiFi

1. Verify WiFi user's identity

Register your customer's mobile number via a WiFi security software (or take a copy of their photo-ID) before they use your free WiFi service

3. Track user activity

Maintain a detailed log containing user's time of login and logout with a WiFi security software or manually enter these details into your register

2. Keep your passwords unique

Change your WiFi password regularly (daily) or get a WiFi security software to automatically send out one-time-password (OTP) by SMS

4. Keep Data Safe for 1 year!

As per guidelines issued by the government of India (TRAI), you need to (digitally or physically) maintain these records for a period of 1 year

Automate your WiFi Security

Sign up for a free account of Muft WiFi Management Software. Configure your router settings. Convert your existing WiFi hotspot into a secure 'airport style' free WiFi Zone

  • Register mobile numbers
  • Automatically send password by SMS
  • Maintain a database of users
  • Get free access to WiFi management software for 1 year


Secure your WiFi Zone

Sign up for free and start using Muft WiFi Management software!

Get WiFi Security

Simply buy a Muft WiFi Security router (or install our firmware settings on your existing router)

Plug n' Play Router

Connect router to your Internet connection to start a secure 'airport style' free WiFi Zone

Free Software!

Manage your entire network online with Muft WiFi's free to use WiFi management & security software


Mobile Registration

Register every customer's mobile number, IP/MAC address, time of login and logout automatically

SMS Passwords

No more handing out passwords! Verify WiFi user’s identity with unique SMS passwords

WiFi Monetization

Promote your sales by pushing offers via WiFi login page or SMSes to registered mobile numbers!

Muft WiFi Management Software Features

Customers who log in via your WiFi hotspot see a secure WiFi login page. Muft WiFi management software automatically collects user's mobile number, device IP/MAC address, and generates unique passwords by SMS.

Understanding your customer's online behaviour will help you serve them better. Get detailed reports and insights on user activity at your WiFi Zones. Muft WiFi's security and management software makes intelligent data accessible for small businesses and WiFi (internet) Service Providers.

Monetize your free WiFi data better with Muft WiFi monetization features. Promote your own ads or sell WiFi ad-space to 3rd party advertisers! Reduce your Internet costs, increase your sales and get paid everytime a user watches an ad on your WiFi login screen.

In less than 1 year, over 14,000 people logged in from my restaurant's WiFi Zone! This saved our staff from hours of manual data entry!
Rajesh Shah
Owner at Mumbai Masala, Fort
No more changing passwords every week! With Muft's Security Routers, our customers automatically get their WiFi unique password by SMS!
Jitesh Gala
Owner at Riso, Lower Parel
The WiFi management software is super simple to use! Love the WiFi Advertising and SMS marketing features!
Gaurav Barai
Owner at 38 Bangkok Street, (Fort & Thane)

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