In this article we discuss simple tips on how to increase WiFi Signal Strength and improve WiFi Speed

This post is particularly aimed at small WiFi hotspots i.e. to improve WiFi signal strength and speed at home, small cafes, offices etc. However, large network owners may also find something useful.

[More than 60% of Internet data accessed via WiFi or wireless networks. It’s frustrating on a for many people when they have a weak WiFi signal strength and low WiFi speeds. Your WiFi router acts like a transmitter. This transmission carries data packets and forth]

#1 Tip to increase WiFi Signal Strength and improve WiFi Speed: PROPER PLACEMENT OF YOUR ROUTERS


  • The access point or router should be placed in the center of the room. Place it high up towards the ceiling and not on the ground.
  • Avoid placing your router near metal objects or furniture.
  • Concrete or brick walls also severely restrict WiFi signal strength and speed.
  • Never place your router near a microwave.
  • Point your WiFi router’s / access point’s antenna upward for a better horizontal reach, or sideways for vertical reach

Having too many walls and obstructions between the router/AP and your computer/tablet/phone can reduce wifi speeds and hamper your connectivity. Typically an access point has a range a 20m to 50m indoors. That being said, you can always cover a large area of square one with WiFI if you have multiple access points.

Never place a router inside a cupboard or the corner of your room. It restricts your network coverage. Walls, furniture, plants or any physical obstruction between your device and wifi access point will block your connectivity.

The ideal place to is on the ceiling in the center of your home. Check out the outdoor Access Points by Ubiquity. They look beautiful and can be wall mounted on your ceiling.

Always remember! The best location to place your router is the center of your room.

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#2 Tip to increase WiFi Signal Strength and improve WiFi Speed: Use a WiFi extender or Repeater


A WiFi repeater is a transmission device that can help you improve your hotspot range and speed up connectivity. It is used to extend the coverage area of your WiFi network. It works by receiving your existing WiFi signal, amplifying it and then transmitting the boosted signal.


The way it works is fairly simple. As the name suggests, a WiFi repeater will amplify and relay the boosted signal.

There are many low cost repeaters in the market ranging from $20 to $150. From our experience dealing with setting up WiFi hotspots for cafes, we have narrowed our favourites:

[More Information: Amazon has a pretty decent list of affordable WiFi repeaters for home]

#3 (Pro) increase WiFi Signal Strength and improve WiFi Speed: Use a WiFi Management Software


A WiFi Management Software can help you control your entire network.

When your Internet is used by too many people it’s hard to get good speeds as this connection is divided by the number of people using it. For example, a 10mbs connection used by 10 people could divide speed by a tenth giving teacher user 1mbs each.

With a WiFi Management Software you can set bandwidth restrictions for different users. Keep more speed for yourself while you allocate lower speeds to other users in the network.

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