In this article we mention some creative WiFi Advertising ideas

Creative WiFi advertising is the smart new way to reach out to your potential customers. Many companies are adopting the innovative platform. Hyperlocal WiFi advertising opens up a whole new range of possibilities for digital markets and advertisers.

This medium of advertising is still new and a lot of brands still haven’t fully harnessed the power of creative WiFi advertising!

Here are some of the most Creative WiFi Advertising Ideas to kick start your campaign:

WiFi Advertising Idea 1/7: Increase footfalls at a venue!

Creative Wifi Advertising Ideas

Some WiFi advertising softwares allow to place router or access point specific ads. In this example, when users click on ‘Connect + Open Maps’, they are navigated to your business location with the help of Google Maps.

2/7 WiFi Advertising Ideas: Promote video views

Wifi advertising ideas

For users to get free WiFi access they must first watch your brand’s video ad.

Traditional digital video ad networks are quiet restrictive for digital marketers. They need categorically sponsor video content. Unfortunately, bad video content could result in a poor experience for your customers.

With free WiFi advertising; your brand gives users the choice to consume any piece of content they want online. This results better user experience.


3/7 WiFi Advertising Ideas: Increase App Installations!


When a user clicks on ‘Connect + Install’ they get free WiFi and are directed to your app’s download page. Make sure that your WiFi advertising platform redirects android users to Google┬« Play Store and iOS users to Apple┬« App Store

4/7 WiFi Advertising Ideas: Get surveys answered


Users need to answer the question and click on ‘Connect + Answer’ to get connected to the Internet.

WiFi advertising can be used as an awesome research tool to create public surveys or get your customer’s feedback. This can help you make smarter business decisions by getting to understand your customer’s preferences.


For more WiFi advertising ideas keep checking the ‘demo’ section of the Muft WiFi Advertising site. We keep adding cool new campaign ideas used by our advertisers.