In this article we discuss how’s Muft WiFi Management Software is bringing down cost of WiFi Zones with the help of cloud controlled networking.

Most networking equipment such as routers and access points are made in China. A 4$ router can be sold for $100 because of a brand name and a software that powers this router.

This (WiFi management) software controls the logic of the WiFi zone; as it facilitates multiple device connections, user authentication and bandwidth allocation and distribution, user verification and authentication.

‘If you buy their router you buy their software’ has been the approach to jack up the prices of WiFi zones in developing countries. It also means additional local servers to run this software since most of the times it isn’t cloud based. To put this in perspective  – if an Internet service provider has 100,000 WiFi Zones – they need to have 100,000 local servers. All of this extra-hardware can be AVOIDED with a cloud controlled WiFi management software.

Such hardware-software monopolies needed to be stopped; and this is the reason we have invested our efforts towards developing an open source cloud controlled networking software to that can work with most routers that support OPEN-WRT and DD-WRT.

In the next 3 months Muft goes hardware agnostic; meaning that Muft WiFi’s open source WiFi management software will be compatible with all major hardware companies in the world – including Ubiquiti, Linksys, Asus, Dlink, Netgear and TP link.

We strongly believe that cloud controlled networking is the way to go to bring down the cost of WiFi Zone. Instead of each company having their own WiFi management software; our aim is to create an open source WiFi management software that can be used by various Internet Service Providers and network management companies.

This will substantially bring down the cost of WiFi distribution as is desperately needed in many developing countries with a high digital divide.

If you’re looking to start your own WiFi Zone or be a part of our open source development community; partner with Muft Internet‘s cloud controlled networking department. Use the contact form to write to the Jinesh (CTO, Muft WiFi) jinesh [at]