In this article we discuss the new ways by which people are harnessing the use of cloud controlled network technologies for hyperlocal WiFi Advertising.

Most ad networks offer location-based targeting. However this isn’t quiet accurate! In some cases, when the GPS is turned offer, your targeting could be way off!

For instance; with many popular ad networks you can place city specific ads. However, let’s say if I business in South Mumbai, I may not be interested to advertise to those who live in North or West of Mumbai.

In recent times hyperlocal WiFi Advertising has been a powerful tool to drive more customers to a business location.

The possibility of placing location specific ads gets a whole lot easier with hyperlocal free WiFi ads. Unlike cellphone towers, WiFi routers have a short range frequency which makes it easier to achieve accuracy (usually within 80m).

In the following example we see how Joe’s Coffee (present inside a mall) and Natural Museum (present near a popular tourist area) engage in creative hyperlocal WiFi advertising increase footfalls and sales.

hyperlocal WiFi Advertising!

hyperlocal WiFi Advertising!

When users click on ‘Connect + Open Maps’, they get Internet access and are directed to your predefined location on Google Maps.

hyperlocal WiFi Advertising!

A location aware WiFi advertising platform with intelligent analytics and reports; results in a better ROI on your digital advertising spends.