What is a WiFi Advertising System?

A WiFi advertising system helps you place WiFi advertisements. At most public WiFi Zones, the users are authenticated in the following way:

  1. User connects to watches a WiFi advertisement
  2. User is granted free Internet access

WiFi Advertising System

This WiFi login page can be considered as precious branding and advertising space. Many brands companies are using smart WiFi Advertising Systems to place creative ads and reach out to targeted audiences. The following images iterates how some brands are using WiFi advertising software/platform to deploy such WiFi ads:

WiFi Advertising System Feature: Hyper-location Targeting

WiFi Advertising System Feature: Hyper-location Targeting


WiFi Advertising System Feature: Video Ads

WiFi Advertising System Feature: Video ad place


WiFi Advertising System Feature: Promote Apps Installs

WiFi Advertising System Feature: Promote Apps Installs


Click here to see some examples of creative WiFi Advertising.

With a robust WiFi advertising system you can ensure that user watches your WiFi advertisement every (x) hours on her/his WiFi login screen.

User Flow and Interaction for Each Login:

  • SSID Impression: User sees your brand sponsored WiFi zone SSID – “Free Wifi by your brand”
  • Banner Ad: A WiFi login page opens up with your logo and banner ad
  • The user enters mobile number to receive password via SMS.
  • Video View: User views video and waits for access code (15-20 second video) with message below “Your session of free Internet is powered by Brand_Name”
  • SMS: User receives Unique SMS Code and your brand message and weblink
  • Text-typing and Learning Code: User enters text code – YOURBRAND2343. Internet Access is granted to verified used.
  • Click: User is redirected to your site/link
  • Audio Listen: User gets phone call with jingle (less than 60 seconds) when he logs off.



How does Muft (free) WiFi Advertising System Work?

Muft (free) WiFi Advertising System is specifically designed to allow advertising agencies, WiFi (Internet) providers and businesses to place hyperlocal zone-specific

The process is simple. Plug in a Muft WiFi router and use our online WiFi advertising system/software to start placing your advertisements. (Note: To place on ads on existing Muft WiFi zones, contact us)

WiFi Advertising System

Muft WiFi Advertising System

You can create zones, place your own ads or sell ad space to advertisers and manage your entire network with our WiFi advertising system.

There are 3 main reasons why advertising agencies and companies are making large digital marketing spends on WiFi Advertising in India trust our WiFi advertising system:

  • Excellent Brand Recall and Customer Experience – People remember you when you offer them free WiFi! Muft WiFi software ensure you get that with excellent SSID advertising fetures.
  • HyperLocation Advertising– is made possible as you can choose the specific zone you want place your ads on.
  • Smart-Social Advertising – Instead of mindlessly spending money on spammy digital ads; brands like to spend their money on free Internet access to watch their customer loyalty grow. Muft WiFi advertising system let’s them invest in smart ads!

Looking for WiFi advertising Solutions? Visit our site: www.muftwifi.com