In this article we provide information on (Muft) Free WiFi advertising in India for brands and ad-agencies.

Many brands and advertising agencies are shifting their digital spends from traditional digital ad networks towards Free WiFi Advertising – a unique way by which brands market themselves and provide customers the convenience and joy of free Internet.

There are 3 main reasons why free WiFi advertising works wonders:

  • Excellent Brand Recall and Customer Experience – India loves free WiFi! People remember you when you offer them free WiFi!
  • HyperLocation Targetting – Innovative new technologies make it possible to gain traction from strategic locations
  • Smart-Social Advertising – Instead of mindlessly spending money on spammy digital ads; brands like to spend their money on free Internet access to watch their customer loyalty grow.

 How does (Muft) Free WiFi advertising work?

Muft WiFi Zones are public access zones where by people get access to high speed, neutral and free Internet. These WiFi Zones are supported by WiFi ads. With our technology, local ISPs set up ad-sponsored free WiFi Zones at different locations. Check out the demo video below:


Which Ad formats does (Muft) Free WiFi Advertising support?

Ad Formats: Free WiFi Advertising

Which locations can I advertise on? How much does (Muft) Free WiFi Advertising cost?

A few years back this medium was limited to places like airports or railway stations. However, Muft WiFi is now making it possible for clients in India to choose their own location. Pick ANY street and we will start a “Muft WiFi by YourBrand” hotspot there. This hotspot will have a range of 1km. Our local ISP partners are present in the following cities:

free wifi advertising in india

Note: Implementation time is 7 business days. For more details on bulk pricing contact us.

Why choose? (Muft) Free WiFi Advertising

Why Choose Muft

Every time you advertise on a Muft (free) Wifi Zone, you’re bringing someone from India online. Advertisers gain traction by advertising with free WiFi advertising  = Users get free Internet!

Get in touch with our team to start WiFi Advertising in India. Email us on info [at] or call +91-80802 40000 to get start WiFi advertising!