In this article we provide information on the top 3 cloud controlled WiFi advertising software.

It’s time to get a good WiFi advertising system and create:

  • Excellent Brand Recall and Customer Experience – People remember you when you offer them free WiFi!
  • HyperLocation Advertising– is made possible as you can choose the specific zone you want place your ads on.
  • Smart-Social Advertisements – Instead of mindlessly spending money on spammy digital ads; brands like to spend their money on free Internet access to watch their customer loyalty grow.

#3 Socifi WiFi

wifi advertising software

Socifi, an American WiFi advertising software is widely used for it’s social login feature (note: It is not a legal way to authenticate WiFi users in many countries) with options like ‘login with facebook’ and ‘login with twitter. Socifi also allows easy monetization of 3G/4G. The company has its headquarters in the silicon valley and constantly provides great upgates

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#2 Purple WiFi

purple wifi advertising software

Purple WiFi, a British WiFi advertising software company,  focuses on customer and guest intelligence. Their CRM is focused on driving WiFi intelligence for businesses. This is particularly useful for providing WiFi at large businesses such as hotel or fast food chains.

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#1 Muft WiFi Advertising Software

wifi advertising software

The Muft WiFi advertising system comes with 3 essential module groups that can help you secure, manage and monetize your WiFi Zone.

  1. WiFi Intelligence – The aim of this module to show provides users with performance and branding analytics. The premium version of the software allows users to export security logs.
  2. WiFi Advertising – Place or sell hyperlocal zone-specific Wifi ads.
  3. WiFi Management – The aim of this module to automate network management. Users can view/add/edit/group users, routers and zones within a network.

muft wifi advertising software

This software is relatively newer and cheaper than the above-mentioned options – however, it’s still in beta.

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