In this article we provide information on WiFi Advertising at Colleges in India.

Free WiFi Advertising at Colleges in India

Example: Free WiFi Advertising at Colleges in India

In the past couple of years the free WiFi advertising industry has witnessed a dramatic rise in marketing spends.

To quickly understand how WiFi advertising works:

  1. User connects to WiFi
  2. User watches an advertisement
  3. User gets free Internet.

Yup, it’s that simple!

WiFi advertising used to restrictive to places like airports; but now companies like Muft WiFi Networks are helping advertising agencies and brands push further into hyperlocal advertising with WiFi.

Free WiFi advrtising at colleges in India

Example: Hyperlocal targeting with WiFi advertising

Now, free WiFi Advertising at colleges in India has been gaining a lot of traction mainly because of contextual targeting. It has paved the way to reach of to students of India from different industries.

For instance; banks and insurance services companies sponsor free WiFi Zones at an MBA or Business college. App startups target their WiFi advertising campaigns towards IT colleges. Similarly, a brand like Tata Motors would prefer place WiFi advertisements at a mechanical engineering college.

There are many industries available from advertisers to choose from; Engineering & IT, Social Sciences, Business, Arts, Design and Law Colleges to name a few.

Akshay Dua founder of Pocket Ads, an international mobile advertising agency, says – “Brands are constantly looking at ways to reach to young consumers. Young India loves being online and I believe free WiFi advertising is definitely the future of digital marketing in India.”

Example 1: How to monetize free WiFi with advertisements

Example: WiFi Advertising with Video

Mubashir Osmani, founder of Social Seety digital advertising agency says that “Our brands are now moving towards WiFi Advertising at colleges in India because it provides a higher brand recall . It’s simple! People remember brands that offer free WiFi!”

Although pricing for WiFi advertising at colleges in India still remains a bit higher than traditional digital advertising; it definitely provides a better customer experience.

Ronit Roy from Reprise Media calls it “The smart, social way to advertise”.

With so many brands enthusiastically moving towards WiFi advertising at colleges in India; we can be sure this medium of advertising will bring more students online!


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