In this article we discuss how different WiFi advertising pricing plans and packages for WiFi Zones in India.


We classify our WiFi Zones in 3 categories:

  1. Education (colleges, universities, coaching classes),
  2. Premium (cafes, spas, fine dine) and
  3. Choose your own.

It the last category, we manage local tie ups and your advertiser can choose any location in India. We will check feasibility (1 day) and provide you with a quote.


Our WiFi advertising pricing is set in terms of ‘Cost per Login’. Before I speak of the costing let me explain you our user flow at a typical Muft WiFi zone.

User Flow and Interaction for Each Login (What is one ‘login’/’engagement’?)

  • SSID Impression: User sees your brand sponsored WiFi zone SSID – “Free Wifi by your brand”
  • Login Page customized with Brand Logo: A WiFi login page opens up with your logo and banner ad
  • The user enters mobile number to receive password via SMS.
  • Banner Ad: User views banner ad and waits for access code with message below “Your session of free Internet is powered by Brand_Name”
  • SMS: User receives Unique SMS Code and your brand message and weblink
  • Text-typing and Learning Code: User enters text code – YOURBRAND2343. Internet Access is granted to verified used.
  • Click: User is redirected to your site/link

When this entire process is complete, and the user has successfully logged in and using our Muft WiFi service, we count it as one ‘login’ or one ‘engagement’.


Muft WiFi will bare all the infrastructure and service costs associated with the free WiFi service. Clients only pay on a per ‘login’ or per ‘engagement’ basis.

This what you can expect with an investment of approximately Rs. 7-10,00,000  on your WiFi advertising campaign (*price depends on the locations you pick):

  1. SSID Impressions: 10,00,000
  2. Login page Impressions: 5,00,000
  3. Banner Views: 250,000
  4. SMSes: 100,000
  5. Codes: 100,000
  6. Clicks: 100,000
  7. Hours of free Internet access granted: 100,000
  8. Complete Logins/Engagements: 100,000



A dashboard will be provided to see the above-mentioned metrics. The WiFi advertiser shall also be able to live edit their banner/campaign.

At present we only provide location as a filter. The WiFi is open to people of all gender, age groups etc who are present at the hotspot location. However, in our reports, we do segregate users based on gender, age, platform used to access Internet and user rating.

Activation time: 7-10 days.

Contact Muft WiFi’s team to a detailed price plan based on the locations you pick – info [at] or call +91 – 80802 40000