In this article we provide information on the scheme of Muft (free) WiFi Hotspot for Colleges in India

Introduction: Why don’t colleges in India offer free WiFi?

Most countries around the world are making a shift towards an information economy. In an information economy students and citizens have the ability to search, retrieve and organize information via the internet medium.

This is a basic necessity that students need is being missed out on in many developing countries like India. WiFi Hotspot for Colleges in India is still a rare phenomenon. Most colleges and universities do not provide free WiFi services to their students!

Internet access may be provided via computer labs but it is definitely a lot harder to access.

The Problem: Offering free WiFi to students can be expensive!

Internet bandwidth, network infrastructure and maintenance – all drive up costs of WiFi Hotspot for Colleges in India.

WiFi hotspot for colleges in India

An article titled “Why are free WiFi Zones so expensive in India” will give you a detailed outlook on the various cost components of starting a WiFi Hotspot for college in India.

The Solution: Scheme for Muft WiFi Hotspot for Colleges in India

At Muft Internet, we believe every student needs to be empowered with high speed Internet access.

We believe that this could have a major impact of the average grades of our college as we enable the students with free information access. The long term effect of this is our country taking one more step towards an information economy.

We have worked on a scheme with various states governments, Internet services providers and colleges advertisers to start WiFi Hotspots for colleges in India.

At such colleges, students will get access to unlimited high speed, neutral and free Internet access. Our WiFi Zones are free of cost to students (and to the colleges), however they will be sponsored by WiFi advertising. For instance; Free WiFi IIT by Parle G.

There has been a massively positive to response for this schemeĀ  as over 125 different colleges have signed up for our service. We expect this number to go up to 1000; and the deployment process will commence this year.

We expect that the average grade at such institutions will have a significant rise over a period of time because of the high speed free Internet access service. Our goal to transform India into a knowledge economy by focusing on education and information access.

Note: If you’re an educational intuition in India and would like to activate free WiFi service for your students at zero added costs to you; contact Jinesh Parekh on jinesh @ or call on 022 69999025 to understand the procedure on how to apply for this scheme.

(Non) Govt Scheme: WiFi Hotspot for Colleges in India